Terms of Service


  1. Description of Services

    TipZyp (referred to in this Agreement as “TipZyp,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) provides a service (the “Service”) that enables tippers to anonymously send tips through either a mobile device or a web browser to authenticated service workers by generating a unique short alphanumeric code, (hereafter referred to as a TipCode). Authenticated service workers are able to redeem tips from their TipZyp account using any of the means we provide for that purpose. TipZyp is not intended for use as a money transfer service or for settling debts or for the purchase of goods. Your use of the Service will at all times be subject to the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement.
  2. Eligibility and User Profile

    To be a User, you must (a) register with a valid email address and valid phone number, and (b) in order to receive money from our service, have an account with a Licensed Financial Institution or one of the Financial Institutions that are integrated into our app so you can transfer funds into your TipZyp balance.
  3. Consent to Share Personal Information

    By accepting this Service Agreement, you consent to TipZyp’s disclosure of your personal information to third parties for our general business purposes and, as required, to verify your status as a service worker with your employer or agency. TipZyp will neither disclose nor share any of your personal information with any affiliates or any third party for purposes of marketing their or TipZyp’s products or services to you.
  4. Privacy and Information Security

    You can access TipZyp’s Privacy and Information Security Notice at https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8251754.
  5. Registering with TipZyp

    a. TipZyp has two types of users, tippers and workers. To participate as a tipper or worker you must first register with TipZyp by providing TipZyp with an email address and a mobile phone number and establish a password that meets the security requirements described on our Site. b. TipZyp requires additional information from users who wish to register as workers and receive TipCodes in order to confirm your occupation in a service worker role where tipping is appropriate. c. Once registered: As a tipper: (1) You may create a single TipCode and / or maintain a balance within TipZip. A TipZip balance can be used to create additional TipCodes. When a tipper generates a TipCode, that process is governed by the terms of use of the financial institution which you linked to your TipZyp profile. (2) You may receive and redeem TipCodes from another User. If the TipCode is valid, we will add the value to your TipZyp balance less our service fee. It is our expectation that as a Tipper, you will not be redeeming TipCodes that you yourself have generated (3) You may send a tip to another User at your initiation or in response to that User’s request for a tip via tipzyp.com. You understand that a person to whom you give a TipCode may not redeem the code, and that a user other than the person you may have intended could redeem the code. As a worker: You may redeem TipCodes and transfer the associated value into your TipZyp balance. Once your TipZyp balance reaches $100, you may transfer the value out of TipZyp via any of the means made available to users for that purpose.
  6. Use of referral codes

    At its discretion TipZyp may make available referral codes to users for introducing new users to TipZyp. Referral codes are personal to each user. When a user redeems the referral code, a credit is added to that user’s TipZyp balance. When that referral code is redeemed by a new user that signs up to TipZyp, the giver of the referral code will receive additional credits to their TipZyp balance for each $25 of credit that they add to their TipZyp balance. Each referral code has a predefined number of redemptions, and when that limit is reached the user will no longer receive additional credits.
  7. No Liability for TipZyp

    TipZyp shall not be liable to you for any failure by the financial institutions linked to in your profile to complete a transaction in the correct amount, or any related losses or damages.
  8. Send Limits for TipCodes

    TipZyp will limit the value of TipCodes that you can send to another User when using the Services to $250 per rolling 30 day period, with no limit on the number of transactions.
  9. Transaction Errors

    You may view the TipCodes generated by your TipZyp profile in the History section of the app or website. In case of questions about transactions facilitated through TipZyp, or if YOU BELIEVE THAT YOUR TIPZYP PASSWORD OR PIN CODE HAS BEEN STOLEN OR A TIPCODE HAS BEEN GENERATED OR REDEEMED WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION, please contact us by e-mail at help@tipzyp.com.
  10. Fees

    TipZyp charges no fees to tippers who purchase TipCodes or load their TipZyp balance. We charge workers a flat fee of $0.25 each time they redeem a TipCode and 10% of the value being redeemed. Please note that TipZyp has no responsibility for any fees that your financial institution or your mobile carrier may charge you in connection with your transactions through TipZyp.
  11. Cancellation

    You may cancel your use of the Services at any time by emailing us at help@tipzyp.com. Your profile and login on our Site will no longer be eligible to generate or redeem TipCodes.
  12. TipZyp Right to Terminate Access

    Subject to applicable law, TipZyp may terminate or suspend this Service Agreement and your use of the TipZyp Site and Services at any time for any reason without cause and without prior notice. THE SERVICE IS PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” BASIS.
  13. Governing Law; Choice of Law

    This Service Agreement will be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Delaware.