Easy, like cash.

Tipping, made easy

Dear Guest,
If you are thankful for your clean hotel room and a job well-done, a tip is a great way to say "Thank you!"

Tipping, made easy.


Say thank you!

Getting great service? Tip with privacy.

You can reward good service and support service staff everywhere while keeping your identity and financial information private. You also do not need to know anything about the person you are giving to. Privacy is respected on both sides.

Private and Anonymous

No need to share personal information with the recipient.

Giving a tip? With TipZyp, you never have to share personal information with the person you are giving to.
Earning a tip? With TipZyp, you never have to share your personal information to receive a tip.

Quick and Easy

Leave a tip whenever and wherever you want. Decide how much you want to give and generate a TipCode with ease at TipZyp.com, using the TipZyp app, or by simply sending an SMS (text message) to the TipZyp TipCode phone number.

Fair and Flexible

Fund your TipZyp balance with your credit or debit card, PayPal, or linked bank account.

Generate a TipCode from your TipZyp balance instantly whenever you need one. With TipZyp you can reward good service and help service staff earn more.

Earn more.


Providing great service? Increase your tips.

You know how much a clean room matters to a tired guest, to a family on vacation, to the couple on a romantic getaway. Many guests would like to leave a tip, but do not have the right cash with them. Much as they would like to tip you, these guests have not had an easy way to tip you. TipZyp is changing all that for you. Guests are hearing about it. They're using it. You're able to improve your life and the opportunities for yourself and your family. You are able to spend more on wholesome nutritious food, education, housing, health, and well-being. Guests are able to thank you. And we, at TipZyp, thank you.

Pickup a tip is simple too. Enter the TipCode you get at TipZyp.com, into the TipZyp app on your mobile, or simply send your TipCode by SMS/text message to the TipZyp processing number. Your tip is instantly added to your TipZyp balance.

Millions of Hotel Rooms Cleaned Each Year
Estimated Millions Lost tip dollars
Million Guests