Tipping, made easy.

OWner, General Manager

Make thanking easy!

Providing great service? Measure it.

You can reward good service and support service staff at your hotel while keeping your hotel billing and tips to the housekeeping staff separate.

Getting started as a tip-friendly TipZyp hotel couldn't be easier.

Access the TipZyp starter kit with all that you need to get started today.

Our studies tell us that guests often want to tip, but don't have the needed cash on hand. This is especially true of American travelers who may not have your currency on hand. We have also learned that while there are ways to add the tip to the hotel room charges, many guests prefer to give directly to the housekeeper or room attendant. However, existing person-to-person digital payment services are not suitable for tipping a hotel housekeeper. Neither guests nor housekeepers feel comfortable exchanging emails or phone numbers with one another.

TipZyp offers a secure, privacy-friendly digital cash-like alternative to physical cash for tipping.

Guest identity and financial information remain private. Guests similarly do do not need to know anything about the housekeeper. Privacy is respected on both sides.

Private and Anonymous

No need to share personal information.

Earning a tip? With TipZyp, you never have to share your personal information to receive a tip.

Quick and Easy

Guests can leave a tip whenever and wherever. Look for a TipCode left on a piece of paper or a TipSlip in the room.

Fair and Flexible

Grow your TipZyp balance with each collected TipCode.

Redeem a TipCode into your TipZyp balance instantly whenever you get one. With TipZyp you get rewarded for good service and earn more. It feels good too!